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1 Display
1.1 Display Size
Display of PHTL..
1.65 inch
Rank: 16 (Overall)
Display of Garmin Approach S6
1.2 Touchscreen
92% LG Smartwatch Smartwatch have it !
1.3 Display Technology
1.4 Screen Resolution
280 x 280
1.4.1 Horizontal Resolution
Display of LG W..
Rank: 10 (Overall)
Display of Cogito Pop
1.4.2 Vertical Resolution
Display of Sams..
Rank: 14 (Overall)
Display of Cogito Pop
1.5 PPI
Display of Kenx..
Rank: 35 (Overall)
Display of Cogito Pop
1.6 Multitouch
90% LG Smartwatch Smartwatch have it !
1.7 Glass Protection
Not Available
1.8 Clock Type

Display of LG Watch

Display of LG Watch has been the most talked feature amongst all. This is prominently based on LG Watch display elements like screen resolution, PPI, display technology and most importantly screen protection technique. Screen resolution and PPI are the dominating parameters during analysis of any display. PPI simply refers to "Pixels per inch", which is an indication of the number of pixels per inch. Display with high pixel density and resolution produces better picture quality. The picture does not get distorted or pixelated even after zooming in. Hence, users generally prefer a display of smartwatch with higher a resolution and PPI.

LG Watch Screen Resolution

Here, you can also have a look at other LG Smartwatch. The display technology used in LG Watch is IPS. LG Watch screen resolution is 280 x 280 pixels at 240 PPI. Genarally, technology geeks prefer a smart watch which has higher screen resolution. LG Watch PPI and viewing experience goes hand in hand. The higher is the PPI, better is the screen clarity and picture quality. Its clock type is Digital and has the multi touch feature embedded in it.

LG Watch Protection

You may also feel inquisitive to know about LG Watch Notifiactions. LG Watch display manufacturers have taken enough care to make sure that LG Watch can resist light impacts and scratches on its display and have taken enough efforts by putting a lens protection. LG Watch protection lens is made up of Not Available. Different techniques are being practiced to lay a protective layer on the lens of this smart watch so that it sustains minor scratches and notches.

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